We are technology guru's who specialise in many things technical.

We are specialist's who live in London. We come from many backgrounds from software development, to block-chain development, crypto-mining infrastructure set up to electrical engineering. Building and repairing systems is a passion for all of us, so we created this service to feed our passion whilst also solving peoples technical problems.  

Why you're going to choose us?

So you know a little about what we do. However, it's how we do it that sets us apart from others. We treat all our customers with empathy and priority. We take time and dedication to analyse and resolve the technical issues we face and we have vast experience of working with people. We believe the more convenience we can bring to an individual's life, the longer lasting the realtionship will be.

 Most of our clients struggle to find a company like nerds2u Here is Why:

Nerds2u accommodates your busy life by making appointments that suits you

• 7 days a week- Including Same day express service.

• A one stop shop with Door to Door pick up and drop off

• We buy all parts and software needed to do the job so you don’t have to run around trying to find best prices and purchasing the correct part for the job

• Dial in to the device to reduce time and costs

• All jobs are capped so you don’t have to worry about unexpected labour cost.

• Complete family tech support package.

• Hacking and cybersecurity diagnostic and support

• Custom build devices, Build your own PC Service

• 62% of our business is repeat business