Nerd Care Basic


Nerd Care Basic

30.00 every month

£30.00 Per month

Nerd Care Basic Membership

Nearly three quarters of parents rate flexible working as very important when they are looking for a new job – with homeworking the most popular form – yet relatively few employers supply any equipment or technical support to enable workers to work outside the office. This is where nerds2u comes in to support all your personal and work related issues.

Our remote IT service is like having a corporate IT department at your service.  

The services in this package include:

Up To 5 Devices

Anti-virus software

14 Point Computer Tune-Up

Computer parts renewal and upgrades

Quarterly Data Back Up

Hourly rates:

Hourly On-Site Support:  £64.00 per hour (1 hour minimum). Included 10% membership Discount

Remote / Telephone Support:  £50.00 per hour (1 hour minimum). Included remote access support.

Our Nerds Care Basic Membership ensure that your system is virus free, updated and working well.


If you’ve ever suffered the inconvenience of your computer crashing or not being able to use your mobile phone, you’ll know that it’s not always easy to sort out and can often be very frustrating. Not only do you have to find someone reliable to fix it, the cost of the repair can come as a shock.

For peace of mind you can protect all your devices in your home with the nerds care basic membership repair & support plan. If your product breaks down or suffers a malfunction we will have a nerd with you at your convenience.

It’s time to take back control and save money and time

Why join our membership for Nerd Care Basic:

·     Keep all devices running in the house/business and quick fix when things are not working

·     Consultation on getting the house tech oriented for the future technological world

·     Receive advice about better Wi-Fi providers in your area (Internet speed test performed)

·     Better software & hardware you can use (tip and tricks to stay ahead of the technological game)

·     Keeping the devices operating systems, security and databases up to date

·     Backing up data both physically and virtually

·     Performing quarterly security updates on all devices

·     Remote help for a nerd when technical help is needed saving time and money

·     Learn how to do simple things to gain confidence

·     Save money in using our suppliers